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Soundscapes: Object 01


OBJECT 01 is an interactive three-dimensional wall installation made of wood that creates sound when touched. The audience is encouraged to
interact with the wall installation by touching it with their hands in order to play different sounds. SOUNDSCAPES: OBJECT 01 is polyphonic, so that the audience can touch various fields simultaneously and create harmonic sound layers.


The wooden structure uses underlying touch-sensitive fields made of conductive materials to direct energy from the human body to an Arduino. Equipped with a Bluetooth module, the Arduino sends MIDI signals to a laptop, which are interpreted by a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) as sound. The technology is mounted on the back of the structure, and therefore completely hidden from the audience. Speakers are purposefully placed in the space to create an immersive experience.

Each touch point of the wall installation is programmed to produce a different tone and sound at zero latency. All touch points together create a harmonic mix of sounds with various effects. Programmed to constantly alter the dynamic and harmony of the sounds, each interaction with the installation is a unique and ephemeral experience. SOUNDSCAPES: OBJECT 01 is inherently intuitive and has similar qualities to playing an instrument.


By blending traditional materials with contemporary manufacturing methods and digital technologies, SOUNDSCAPES: OBJECT 01 is challenging our current beliefs of human-computer-interaction while creating an immersive three-dimensional experience composed of structure, materiality and sound.

Soundscapes: Object 01 (Prototype)

An interactive three-dimensional wall installation made of wood that creates sound when touched.

Soundscapes: Object 01 (Prototype - alternate sound)

Work in progress - 3D milling

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